We approve more deals than any other lease company because we are not a Broker we are a Funder. There is no need to go to multiple lease companies trying to get your client approved; Admiralty does it all. Any lease company will approve a long-standing, incorporated business with stellar credit, but few lease companies can approve clients with everything from A - D credit. If they are approvable, then Admiralty will get them approved whether they have A, B, C, or D credit. We have very competitive rates for clients with excellent credit and because we are a lease Funder, we are able to approve higher risk clients that no one else will.


We offer Business and Personal Leasing. Finally, a leasing solution for everyone.


Lease Sales Training Available - Be informed with the latest selling techniques available for your sales team to move more product. We can come to you and speak with your sales team or arrange to have you come to our office for an informative presentation on the many benefits of leasing for you and your customers.